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You spend your time, energy and money providing for the well-being of those you love. At Bluewater Imaging & Vein Center, we are here to put that same passion into caring for you so you can keep doing all the things you do every day. Many of the health issues unique to women are preventable and treatable with early detection, screenings and even simple treatments. Yet you get so busy with the day to day job of living, you put yourself last on the list. You invest your money wisely, make the right choices for your family, and spend time creating an atmosphere of well-being for those around you. When was the last time you spent a few minutes doing that for yourself?

Bluewater Imaging & Vein Center offers an inviting and caring environment you’ll enjoy when it’s time to take care of yourself.  Experience a comfortable atmosphere with thoughtful conveniences while you receive expert care and get the peace of mind knowing that you’ve done something very good for yourself. When you choose Bluewater, you develop a direct relationship with the physician who is passionate about early detection and your well being.  Schedule your own appointments for screening mammograms, bone density scans and vein procedures by phone or with our website.  Finally, you have a better choice.

Evening & weekend appointments to fit your hectic schedule

Get personalized treatment for a fraction of the hospital cost

All major insurance plans accepted. Or we have cost-effective & flexible plans

Schedule your Free vein consultation. You CAN love your legs again!